Life hacking. Neural hacking. Travel Hacking. These are the only types of hacking that ever truly interested me. I’ve never had a desire to creep into someone’s computer and steal their passwords, but I’ve always wanted to take the shortcut to life. Patience was never a characteristic I associated easily with, hence why I was also consistently late; in a way to subconsciously avoid having to wait for anyone. In middle school I’d cut through the field when we would run the mile. In Chem I’d write the answers in .3 size font on the label of my coke bottle, right where it said nutritional facts. At the end of the day it was my decision if I wanted to remember how many protons existed in plutonium. The things that were just the key to the next level I would accept the key, and when I believed I would actually need or want the valuable lesson, I would accept it, learn it, study it and explore it. Sure, you can call me a bit of a rebel, but I’d prefer it over being boring, and allowing someone else to decide what it is that goes inside my brain to me is the epitome of boring. People always claimed that shortcuts never helped you benefit, and I truly believe that was the greatest lie ever told by the teacher who always wished they did something with their life, but instead ended up teaching 6th grade typing classes because they couldn’t figure out how to do something interesting and still survive.

And so this leads me to where I am today. . . I’m currently typing this on my MacBook Pro on a flight to Atlanta, where I will pickup a dear friend and brother that I connected with truly for the first time at Burning Man this year. From there we travel to Bogota, Colombia. . . I have a flight from Bogota to Buenos Aires in 10 days and back to LAX in 6 weeks, but everything in between will have to be as they say . . . winged.

So how does this relate to life hacking? Well, all of my flights would have costed according to Delta $3,800 last time I checked due to the time of year I was going. . . I paid $157.42. I expect to spend approximately $50 – $100 per day including food and lodging (less than my average in the states) and I plan to make money the entire time. In fact, my goal is to have positive cashflow after all my expenses while working only 10 hours per week from my laptop. I will spend an additional 5 hours weekly updating my blog, and that’s it.

I plan to include in my adventures regular salsa lessons in Colombia coupled with some nights at the local salsa clubs (hopefully in Cali, the world’s acclaimed Salsa capital), horseback riding through the coffee plantations of Salento, droning through the Sierra Nevadas, sleeping in a hut on the coast, clubbing in Bogota, visiting the infamous Gold Museum in Bogota, a standard cocaine making tour in Southern Colombia (because why not), trekking Patagonia, visiting the salt flats in northern Argentina, hitting a beach in Montevideo, and trying to make it to a Shabbat dinner in as many different cities as possible. Best of all, I want to make money while I sleep. . .

The only way any of this is possible is if I try to take some shortcuts in my brain power, aka neural hacking. I recently found a supplement called Qualia that seemed to tap in directly with my best mindset, my cognitive function and memory were at an all time optimal level, however I didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of explaining this to TSA especially considering the country I’m going to, as well as they require you to take 9 pills a day, which is really just a substantial amount of space in my backpack considering I’m only bringing one giant bag (Pacsafe is by far the best bag out there for safety, I’ll get into that later.) So it begins. . .my journey . . . feel free to follow me to see where I’m at, and how I’m doing with my goals. You can also follow me on Instagram @realsurrealist. Blessings.

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