Bogota – Guardians and Saints

We landed around 10:50pm, and after knowingly getting ripped off by the cab for being gringos we made it to the house we are staying 15 minutes and $26 later. Our host hack heated up some insanely good empanadas and a delicious tomato bisque soup. I stayed in this house 2 years ago on which my first day turned out to be Halloween and it was their first party under the name “Clase de Siete” because it started at 7am after Halloween night. Eventually this house was featured in Vice for their outlandish parties. We had a home-brewed beer that was insanely delicious and then took an uber (ride cost $2.5) to this club called Video Club that was a two story house club with an industrial vibe, a very bizarre layout, and plants decorated in every corner.

After the club we carefully chose our cab driver, and it was apparent that he carefully chose us. He was an incredible soul and gave us a 5am tour of bogota. I told him his soul was very powerful, he had a cross hanging from the mirror and told me his soul is him, the religion to him is nonsense, but he died once, two years ago, and since then his soul became a new. He had a heart attack, before that he was a publicist, but decided to stop so that he could connect with people and start driving his cab. We were nervous the cab was getting kinda expensive. He was driving us for nearly an hour. I told him to take us back and he straight soul talked us and we hugged it out… turned out the whole ride was $10. We gave him $37. Then we just took a walk around our neighborhood, and it’s just beautiful. Trees everywhere, giant, like you’re in a city in the Forrest.

We saw an elderly lady hobbling with a cane, barely making it, so sad, she was in a pink kinda fuzzy onesie looking outfit, a cast on one foot, covered in wet clearly from a recent fall and it was the saddest thing ever. I came up to her and asked if we could buy her breakfast and gave her $5 (probably about 2-3 breakfasts in Colombia) her eyes lit up and her smile was so powerful. She blessed us with her soul.

Before I left my rabbi gave me a travel menorah to take, and gave me $2, one for charity  for when I arrive, and one for when I leave.  When I saw her I knew it was her that he was talking about. This trip has already blessed my soul and we have hardly been in bogota for 7 hours.

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