Crypto Quick Start Guide

People have been asking me why I’m paying for internet and get stuck on my phone at various times. Why I randomly jump up and down in the middle of the night screaming “Fuck yeah!” Asking what it is that I do for money while I’m on the road. Well while the internet is not always perfect, I’ve been blessed to have a come across a handful of crypto wizards that have helped me multiply my profits while I’ve been traveling. As I posted with many other goals, my financial goal was to have a positive cashflow while on the road. Fortunately I’ve been able to take my small initial investment, and as of today multiply it ten fold since I left, on the 24th of of November. . . in just about 4 weeks.

The most important thing about crypto currencies is your mindset. Once you realize that this IS the financial revolution, that FIAT currency (USD, Pesos, Rubbles, whatever. . .) is a going down due to years of market manipulation by government intervention; then and only then will you be able to succeed. Keeping your money in dollars today while Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies jump 2000+% per year only devalues your money even more than the government does by printing new money. If you would have taken your entire bank account let’s say it’s just $10,000, and converted it to bitcoin one year ago, you would have over $200,000 today. You can still use that money, pay your bills etc, but it’s value is ever increasing.

Is it a bubble? YES! Just like the dollar, gold, stocks, dotcoms, baseball cards, and art sales. What goes up, must come down, and then go up again. But, the trick is to know how far up it will go. So ask yourself, have all of your friends put their entire savings into  bitcoin yet? Have international governments adopted this currency as a legal form of trade yet? Are there bitcoin ATMs on every single corner yet? Is it 2040 yet? If not, then know that while it might dip down and correct (which is very good for the market) it probably is going to go much much higher. The 20x+ gains this year, if revisited in 2018, would put the cost of one Bitcoin at $400,000. . . so it’s pretty crystal clear what to do from here. Cash in. By no means am I giving you professional financial advice, I’m just giving you the personal opinion of someone who’s been working in Finance since 2005, through the entire Real Estate crash, and studied Finance in school (worthless algorithms mostly.)


First start a coinbase account and transfer your first investment (whatever you can afford without having much emotional attachment.)


Next: mentality. When I get to a new country, the hardest thing for me to do is to start thinking not only in their language, but also in their currency. If I continue to think in dollars in Colombia, everything seems cheap so I get ripped off everywhere. Once I start thinking in Colombian Pesos (est. $3000 / $1) I then able to gauge if something is a good deal. Same thing here. Think in BTC (or Satoshi) not in $. Your goal, is to trade other crypto currencies (i.e., LTC, NXT, XRP, XLM, NEM, NEO etc.) in order to gain more BTC. The reason, is that BTC is going up regardless, so if you don’t gauge your trades by BTC, you’ll think you’re profitable, when you could be losing Bitcoin on every trade. And now, just try to multiply your BTC. If you start with .1 BTC (currently about $1,800), try to get to .2, then .5, then 1, then 10, then 20. Then at the end of 2018 you multiply that number by Bitcoin’s dollar cost (estimated projections between $50k and $250k) and you will realize how much money you have. In order to do these trades you need to setup a new trading account. I Use Bittrex and Binance. Bittrex looks more like PC and Binance more like Apple if you will. . . but currently Bittrex is not accepting new apps, so signup for Binance here:


Now look at market volumes, learn, learn, learn. . . and start to anticipate trades. Do not wait. It is only you having an actual vested interest that will help you learn, if you just red without having a skin in the game, you won’t learn much.

Please use my links. I do get a referral bonus for it, and at the same time will have more incentive to put info out for people to source for trades.

Also, DIVERSIFY! I put a decent amount into Bitconnect lending, because they have a lot more stable returns. They have trading bots that use your lent cash to play with on the market. Although their average of about 1% daily seems like a lot, it’s actually nothing compared to the 500% BTC made in the last few months. Before my trip I put some cash in there so that I can have security of daily profit, which is most important to not act irrationally. Constant gains will create rational thoughts. Bitconnect lending offers compound interest, so if you compound daily; $10,000 can yield as much as $240k+ in a year’s time. Also don’t forget to pull some money out occasionally and pay yourself. Remember, Bitconnect lending is very different than everything else. I have built trust in it simply because it has been around for over a year, constantly growing, and has proved me right day in and day out. I’m looking to pull out my initial investment within 4-6 months, and let the rest accumulate for daily income. This is a more mindless investment, and seems to good to be true at first, therefore has plenty of cynics against it out there. I personally have not met the people at Bitconnect, therefore can’t vouch for anything, including Bitcoin itself. All I know is that it has been working really well for me, is a way of diversification, and gives me less anxiety than watching my money go up and down all day. Bitconnect does not transfer any losses to you, so worst case, you don’t gain a profit one day if the bot completely fails.


More to come! I will link you to some master memberships in the future with some of the best traders in the industry making six to seven figures annually from all of this. Hopefully we will all be part of the wave! Most importantly: ENJOY! I’ll see you at the top!

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